Black Diamond ATC XP Belay Device
Black Diamond ATC XP Belay Device

Black Diamond ATC XP Belay Device

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Item #BDI-0595

The Black Diamond ATC XP Belay Device is a slight alteration to what the original ATC is. The updated construction with its now machined windows through the body allow the device to be durable while maintaining a lightweight function. It also allows for greater friction when catching the whipper of one of your heavier buddies. 30% lighter than the original and three times greater stopping power with its friction ridges, this ATC XP stands as a great option for your next belay device. The ATC XP one of the most ubiquitous belay devices across the planet, so much so that the acronym ATC has spilled over as a synonym for other similar belay devices. Why is it called the ATC? It truly is an Air Traffic Controller. This device is simple, reliable, nearly unbreakable and has been around in the climbing game front awful lot longer than most other belay devices. Many engineers hold the opinion that perfection is finally attained when something has been stripped to its most basic functions and all of the frills removed, the Black Diamond ATC Belay Device is exactly that.
Smooth handling geometry permits ropes between 7.7 mm and 11 mm and comes in many a color. I guess the next question is-do you know many climbers without an ATC? Chances are slim, they hold a place on everybody's gear loop.


30% lighter than the original
High-friction mode offers 3 times greater hold and stopping power than regular-friction mode
Machined windows through device for weight savings
Durable cable holds its shape and resists getting caught up between ropes
Hot-forged construction
Versatile design accepts ropes from 7.7 to 11 mm

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