Black Diamond Iron Cruiser Via Ferrata Set
Black Diamond Iron Cruiser Via Ferrata Set

Black Diamond Iron Cruiser Via Ferrata Set

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Item #BDI-0649
The Black Diamond Iron Cruiser Via Ferrata Set is essential for mountaineering enthusiasts. A fall situation can get worse, if you do not have the correct equipment to brace you during the initial impact. This set has an energy absorption system that reduces the impact, greatly decreasing the damage factor. Two iron cruiser carabiners with slide-down locking sleeves, make this product easily operable with one hand, while keeping your load securely attached. The dual extendable lanyard help absorb the shock, with a webbing loop directly attached to the harness, aiding this process. This dynamic system ensures a shortened braking distance, as the powerful harness helps you to come to a stop, after a minimal distance. Get the Black Diamond Iron Cruiser Via Ferrata Set and enjoy your adventures with peace of mind! Key Features Energy Absorption System limits load impact in case of a fall 2 Iron Cruiser carabiners have slide-down locking sleeve that operates with one hand Webbing loop attaches directly to the harness Extendable, bungee-style lanyards
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