Black Diamond Oz Quickdraw
Black Diamond Oz Quickdraw

Black Diamond Oz Quickdraw - CLOSEOUT

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Black Diamond's lightest quickdraw, now with the keylock functionality and snag-free benefits of Black Diamond's HoodWire Technology. Read More
Item #BDI-0612

The Black Diamond Oz Quickdraw is both the lightest and most snag free carabiner in Black Diamond's line. With the stainless steel snag free hood you never need to worry about hooking up on bolts or runners, nor do you need to worry about it freezing up on you. So if you're looking to shave some weight for your massive trad rack, or racking up for that incredibly long marathon sport pitch, or looking to rack the perfect ice climbing quickdraw this might be the best option. The 12 cm Dynex dogbone is both durable and low profile and allows for excellent racking. The Black Diamond Oz Quickdraw, no baloney just performance.

  • Top and bottom Oz carabiners
  • Patent-pending stainless steel wire hood design doesn’t snag, eases clipping and cleaning
  • Wiregates eliminate any chance of gate flutter
  • Equipped with a 10 mm Dynex dogbone with Straitjacket
  • Available in 12 cm length
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