Black Diamond Viper Fang Attachment
Black Diamond Viper Fang Attachment

Black Diamond Viper Fang Attachment

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Item #BDI-0460
You've seen people going leashless. You've seen the way leashless climbing allows you to move hand over hand through difficult iceùthe way it lets you execute athletic moves that were once thought impossible... and you're ready to give it a shot yourself. So check out the Viper Fangùa high performance (yet affordable) leashless attachmentsystem. Climbers worldwide have contributed their knowledge and experience to the design of the Viper Fang to create a competition-worthy tool attachment. With an ergonomic shape that's tall, broad and smooth, this attachment cups and supports your hand while providing additional finger protection. And check this outùwith the Viper Fang you don't need to purchase new tools to experience leashless climbing. Easily removable, you can take it on and off depending on the route and conditions. Plus, the Viper Fang is affordableàwhich means you can go leashless without going broke in the process! One size. Color: Black


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