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BlueWater 8mm Sewn Prusik Loop


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BlueWater 8mm Sewn Prusik Loop

BlueWater 8mm Sewn Prusik Loop

Item #BLU-0122

BlueWater Ropes 8mm Dynamic Sewn Prusik Loops. BlueWater’s Product Development Department has worked hard to provide a durable Pre-Sewn 8mm prusik for use in rescue systems. Since not all PMPs are equally sized, they have created 3 sizes of Short Prusiks to work with the Long Prusik. When pulled end-to-end between 10mm pins the single loop strength exceeds 4000 lbf. Heat Shrink protective sleeve over durable 277 polyester thread stitched with a programmable bartack machine. Made in the U.S.A. As a result of our thirty years of sewing experience and our commitment to the finest quality and highest level of safety, we absolutely batch test each machine set up for ALL sewn products. Our comprehensive testing program insures our products meet the rated strength every time we manufacture each specific product.

MBS: 4,000 lbf. (17.7 kN)

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