BlueWater Canyonline 9mm Rope
BlueWater Canyonline 9mm Rope

BlueWater Canyonline 9mm Rope


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BlueWater Canyonline 9mm Rope

BlueWater Canyonline 9mm Rope

Item #BLU-0086

The 9mm CanyonLine Rope is a giant leap forward in design and safety. It features a 100% Technora Aramid sheath for excellent cut resistance and a cabled nylon core designed to elongate in the event of an accidental shock load providing the user a higher margin of safety. The elongation helps reduce impact forces generated in the system. CanyonLine has a massive 6400 lbf. tensile strength that has no equal in the sub 10mm category. The diameter works well in all descenders and is excellent in ascenders even when wet. This is a Low elongation rope.

Elongation 300 lbf. = 5.9%
Elongation 600 lbf. = 8.4%
Elongation 1000 lbf. = 10.5%
Diameter: 9.0mm
Grams Per Meter: 60
Tensile Strength: 6,400 lbf. (28.4 kN)

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