Climbing Technology Alpine-Up Belay Device
Climbing Technology Alpine-Up Belay Device

Climbing Technology Alpine-Up Belay Device

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Item #LIB-0153

ALPINE UP is the most complete and versatile belay / rappel device ever produced.

It has been developed especially for mountaineering and it can be used with half or twin ropes Ø 7.7 ÷ 9 mm, or with a single rope Ø 8.9 ÷ 10.5 mm. It allows self-locking abseiling, two different belay modes and the simultaneous and independent belay of two second climbers.
ALPINE UP is easy to use, intuitive and safe, even in case of error.
It is entirely designed and manufactured in Italy.


ALPINE UP is the only device on the market that allows self-locking abseiling and two different belaying modes, depending on the terrain:

CLICK UP MODE (Hand assisted braking):
Belaying a lead climber on multi-pitch sports climbing routes (well bolted)
Self-locking abseiling using the folding handle
Absolute safety, even if the rope is incorrectly inserted

DYNAMIC MODE (Manual braking):
Belaying a lead climber on traditional alpine route (friends, nuts and pitons)
Braking friction with "V" grooves
Abseiling with "V" grooves brake

Independent and simultaneous belaying of one or two seconding climbers
Possibility of gradual releasing and lowering of a second climber under tension, by placing a biner in the proper hole

It is assembled with hot forged alluminium cheeks, steel breaking supports and plastic parts made of reinforced nylon.
ALPINE UP weighs only 175 g and it will be available in its proper packaging with our CONCEPT SGL HC HMS connector, with a hard-coated special anodization wear-proof.

Device comes with an HMS screwgate belay carabiner.

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