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Like many ‘climbers’ these days I might spend more time watching climbing movies than actually climbing. I was understandably excited to pop in Chuck Fryberger’s latest offering, Core, to ‘experience’ climbing in the vivid detail only available on Blu-Ray. The picture quality and grade-A camera work is noticeably superior than any other climbing film I have seen, but that just lays the groundwork for the excellent content of this film. Core successfully captures the essence of the sport by showcasing top-end ascents in the various genres of rock climbing. Highlights include Nalle Hukkataival’s V15 Livin’ Large and Kevin Jorgeson’s free solo highballs in the Rocklands of South Africa, Matt Wilder’s first ascent of an R rated 5.14 in the Colorado’s Flatirons, and BJTilden tugging on 5.14+ monos in Wyoming. But the film illustrates that big numbers and ground breaking ascents are not the only thing at the ‘Core’ of climbing. Chuck also weaves the aesthetics of the sport throughout every scene. Just as memorable as the hard climbing is the beauty of the environment itself. It’s hard to say if it’s the climbs or the climbers that play the starring role. The striking features, perfect stone, and the coolest single hold I have ever seen complement the people that give the sport life. The film summarizes with a slow-paced clip of the legendary Fred Nicole climbing on his home turf of Switzerland. Fred’s Yoda-like musings are undeniably humble and sincere, the setting is idyllic, and the route is one of the hardest in the world. In the end, Core defines itself.
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