DMM 4CU Cams
DMM 4CU Cams

DMM 4CU Cams


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This top quality lightweight, dual stemmed cam has proved to be very popular, and it is easy to see why. The 4CU is quick and easy to place; it also offers stable secure protection across a variety of crack features.

There are 9 different sizes in the range which fit a huge array of crack shapes and sizes, in fact anything from half an inch (13mm) to a meaty 4 inches (100mm). The most commonly used sizes of 1, 1.5 and 2; just what you need for dealing with that awkward crack width that runs between rattley finger jams, to ring locks and on to narrow hand size.

There are lots of interesting technical details which give 4CUs the edge on other double stemmed cams. Some of this might seem a bit techy, but it really will make a difference to how the cam performs at the crag. The free floating, peened axle for example reduces stress and helps to avoid a sheering torque at the point of impact.

The cam lobes work on the original 13.75° camming angle which gives the best balance between holding power and range. And the cam stops allow a (10kN) strength even when placed passively.

As with all of our cam designs, the 4CUs are fitted with double extendable dyneema slings. This means neat storage and quick and easy extension if you need it.

We've made the trigger bar free-floating so it can slide on the trigger wires. This reduces wear and tear on the wires and means you won't have to worry about replacing them each season.

VariantWeightStrengthPassive StrengthRangeColourCat No
4CU 0 75g 12/14kN 10kN 13-19mm Blue A7010A
4CU 0.5 80g 12/14kN 10kN 17-24mm Red A7011A
4CU 1 93g 12/14kN 10kN 19-29mm Gold A7012A
4CU 1.5 97g 12/14kN 10kN 23-35mm Silver A7014A
4CU 2 110g 12/14kN 10kN 29-44mm Red A7016A
4CU 2.5 123g 12/14kN 10kN 33-55mm Gold A7017A
4CU 3 151g 12/14kN 10kN 43-66mm Purple A7018A
4CU 3.5 185g 12/14kN 10kN 51-82mm Blue A7019A
4CU 4 224g 12/14kN 10kN 64-100mm Silver A7020A

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