DMM Alloy Offset Nuts
DMM Alloy Offset Nuts

DMM Alloy Offset Nut


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DMM Alloy Offset Nuts

DMM Alloy Offset Nut

Item #DMM-0154

The DMM Alloy Offset Nuts are a true piece of rock climbing genius. Originally designed by HB Climbing, these nuts stood as a true essential for hard flaring cracks, funky slots with incongruent walls or any place a regular nut just didn’t sit right. These nuts don’t care where you’re trying to place them, they will find a way if you find the right size. The many different angles and lines these nuts have allow them to exploit different aspects of the rock’s surfaces that regular nuts just simply can’t. These nuts also work everywhere regular nut placements do as well. Many climbers buy these nuts as a supplement to their regular nuts (for a good reason) but it would be just about as advantageous to just double up on these puppies from our experience. Hugh Banner (the man who the nuts were named after and designed by) crafted a thing of true brilliance when he made these offset nuts. DMM Alloy Offsets- made to seat where no nut has seated before.


Material: Aluminum Alloy

Strength: 12 kN


  • [7] 1.1 oz
  • [8] 1.2 oz
  • [9] 1.3 oz
  • [10] 1.5 oz
  • [11] 1.9 oz
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