DMM Alpha Sport Quickdraw

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DMM Alpha Sport Quickdraw

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DMM Alpha Sport Quickdraw


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DMM Alpha Sport Quickdraw

DMM Alpha Sport Quickdraw

Item #DMM-0181

The DMM Alpha Sport Quickdraw is truly the ultimate sport quickdraw. Nothing seems to come close to it’s clip-ability on the rope or bolt end. The Alpha sport also is truly robust and meant for the repeated falls while you are projecting the red point on that steep thin project up the canyon. Most people that fall to the cult following of this quickdraw do so because of its unbelievable handling, nothing handles better than the Alpha Sport.  Much like other professional grade quickdraws, these come with the wide dogbone  to assist in sketchy moments when fumbling with your quickdraw is not an option. The rope end biner has an incredibly wide basket where the rope sits in the event of a large fall. This wide basket displaces the force of the fall over a wider surface. Incredible handling, incredible security, solid engineering, and sexy looks to top it off. The DMM Alpha Sport will be on your gear loops for many, many years to come.



  • Sling Material: Nylon
  • Sling Strength: 22 kN
  • Sling Length: 12 cm, 18 cm, 25 cm
  • Gate Type - Rope End: Bent
  • Gate Type - Bolt End: Straight
  • Carabiner Strength: 24 kN
  • Weight: (12cm) 3.6 oz, (18cm) 3.8 oz, (25cm) 4.02 oz
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