DMM Belay Master 2 Locking Carabiner
DMM Belay Master 2 Locking Carabiner

DMM Belay Master 2 Locking Carabiner

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A few alterations to the profile were necessary to finalise the overall shape of the basket of this biner and also to perfect the recess the clip fits into. Read More

Item #DMM-0185

Totally redesigned, the ever popular Belay Master continues to set standards for safety and design. The Belay Master is a tweaked version of the DMM Fat Boy HMS with a patented integral plastic clip that together increase the overall safety of the belay system. The clip can only be locked into place when the screwgate barrel is tightened into the locked position, thus providing a failsafe check that the biner is closed securely. The plastic clip also stops the Karabiner from rotating in the belay system and being cross-loaded. The Belay Master is a mid-sized HMS with a large rope radius and soft angles on the top bar. That means that it works well with the vast majority of belay devices.


  • Weight: 100 grams
  • Type: straight
  • Gate closed strength: 25 kN
  • Gate open strength: 8 kN
  • Minor axis strength: 7 kN
  • Locking: screwgate
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