Edelrid Rope Caddy
Edelrid Rope Caddy

Edelrid Rope Caddy

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Item #EDR-0048

The Edelrid Caddy simply gets everything right. The shoulder strap orients the broad, low-profile bag under your arm for easy carrying. The generous tarp (it manages even an 80-meter rope) features innovative grab loops on each corner that allow you to transport the rope easily between nearby climbs without folding everything up completely. No more dropping one corner and having the rope spill out into the dirt. (You can use these same loops to anchor the tarp on sloping slabs or even clip them to an anchor and use the Caddy as a rope bag for wall soloing.) The main feature that sets the Caddy apart from conventional rope bags, though, is the cylindrical pouch sewn into the middle of the tarp. Grab the corner loops, give a brisk snap, and the rope instantly buries itself away in the center pouch. Fold in the tarp corners and cinch down the drawstring.

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