Gibbon Surfline Slackline
Gibbon Surfline Slackline

Gibbon Surfline Slackline

SKU# GBN-0006

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Item #GBN-0006

The longest trickline on the market! With trampoline style webbing this slackline is perfect for jumps and nearly 100ft for longlining and surfing. Exclusive long lever ratchet system to achieve tension over distances. Thin, flexible webbing provides for a trampoline like effect. Low mounting height for safe handling. Two part kit for quick and easy set-up and take down. Includes instruction manual


  • Length: 98 ft (30m)
  • Width: 2 in (50mm)
  • Max. Tension: 3 Tons
  • Ratchet with safety lock
  • Ratchet side length: 8 ft
  • Reinforce loop slings
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