Grivel Machine 3.0 Ice Axe
Grivel Machine 3.0 Ice Axe

Grivel Machine 3.0 Ice Axe

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Item #GRV-0207

The ice axe is the symbol of alpinism. Grivel, with its 200 years of experience, offers an All-Italian manufactured tool with hot forging technology used by blacksmiths over the centuries. After 18 years we remember “the Machine” by presenting three new ice tools. An unbelievable masterpiece possible only for people who hot forge metal since 1818! Grivel developed this new generation of ice tool specifically for technical climbing on all of the world’s mountains. The new Machine series includes the Light Machine, Tech Machine and Machine 3.0. Each using hot forged picks specifically designed for climbing ice or mixed terrain. The Ice pick is tapered to 3mm at the tip for easy ice penetration with minimal ice displacement. The Mixed pick is tapered to 4.5mm at the tip for durability when hooking rock or ice.

The Machine 3.0 radically bent shaft that easily clears bulges and cauliflower ice. The Machine 3.0 is made from a forged aluminum shaft for durability on the hardest moves. Solid placements come easily, even when the ice gets unruly. The Machine 3.0 features multiple grip options for efficiency on the most technical routes. Interchangeable ICE pick is tapered atthe tip (3 mm) for easy penetration, even in cold ice. The stout Mix blade, 4.2 mm, will excel on both ice and rock. The dual density handle offers a very efficient hand support. The Tech Machine is delivered with the Ice blade but it also accepts the new Grivel Mixed blade.


  • Weight: 670 grams 23.6 ounce
  • Length: 48cm
  • Ships with Ice blade
  • CE Certified T Rated
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