Grivel Mago 14 Pack
Grivel Mago 14 Pack

Grivel Mago 14 Pack

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Item #GRV-0181
The Grivel Mago climbing pack is an over-the-shoulder style climbing pack design that fits like a regular pack yet allows total freedom of movement for climbing. This unique and ingenious design is light weight and allows dynamic movements for fast climbing on multipitch routes. At 14 liters there is room for the essentials: shoes, water, headlamp, and a few energy bars. The contents of the pack are easily accessible on route by swinging the pack across your shoulder from your back to your front for fast access without removing the pack. Special pocket for cell phone on the front. - Very useful for small loads, shoes for the descent, car key, water, snacks, or rain gear. Use your imagination. - The single shoulder strap allows freedom of movement while climbing. - Ergonomic pointed design that does not interfere with harness or chalk bag. - Easily accessible while climbing, due to the swivel capability of the single shoulder strap. - Multi purpose & mobile phone strap pocket.
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