Hand Jammie
Hand Jammie

Hand Jammie

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Item #LIB-0014
No pain, no blood, no whining. Comfortable, soft and sticky, Hand Jammies will replace miles of tape.

Featuring quality construction and great Acopa rubber, these open-palmed gloves have become a very popular product with our customers.


  • Improve your crack climbing ability instantly
  • Full coverage for fist jams
  • Climb all day with no loss of flesh onthe nastiest of rock
  • Stickiest rubber in the world combined with strong flexible split leather resulting in form fitting gloves that lock you into a crack
  • Assorted Colors

    How to size Hand Jammies:

    - Measure from the base of middle finger to first wrist crease.
    - 3"" to 3 5/8"" = Small
    - 3 1/2"" to 4 1/8"" = Medium
    - 4"" to 4 5/8"" = Large
    - Loose is better "

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