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Gear Tech & Beta

  • Black Diamond and Schoeller

    Black Diamond and Schoeller

    Black Diamond and Schoeller

    Use. Design. Engineer. Build. Repeat.

    The dawn patrol is the testing ground for the best technical clothing. Early mornings on the cold mountain rock and snow demand both protection, breathability, and durability. High quality Schoeller fabrics are the base for Black Diamond's new Dawn Patrol outerwear line. Schoeller sets the standard for stretch woven apparel.

  • La Sportiva Winter Apparel

    La Sportiva Winter Apparel

    La Sportiva Winter Apparel: Tested 'til the Top

    This year La Sportiva rounded out the brand by introducing some of the most compelling winter outerwear of the season. Bold euro-inspired design coupled with top quality fills and fabrics makes drool-worthy jackets for sure. And that's okay, because they're all water resistant.

    For a light every-day jacket, get the Galaxy Hoody. When you need warmth, throw on the Cham Down Jacket.

  • Petzl Ice Tools

    Petzl Ice Tools

    Petzl Ice Tools

    For high mountain alpine ascents or short steep dry tooling routes Petzl has created three unbelievable tools for all types of climbing. With new innovations in handle adjustments and grips, Petzl adds more comfort and efficiency to climbing.

    Find the right tool for you: Quark, Nomic or the Ergo.

  • Grivel Binding Systems

    Grivel Binding Systems

    Grivel Crampon Binding Systems

    Crampons Crampons and more Crampons, if you own a boot then Grivel has made a crampon for it. Learn through the power of mime as the Grivel team shows what crampon will work for your boot.

    Get out there and kick some ice.

  • Making BD Carabiners

    Making Carabiners

    Behind the Scenes: Making Black Diamond Carabiners

    Take a look at how Black Diamond makes some of their first-rate carabiners. Black Diamond has been setting the bar for innovation and excellence for years and has created some of the best carabiners available today.

  • Sport/Mountain Harnesses

    Sport/Mountain Harnesses

    Harnesses for Sport and Mountain

    Having the right harness is crucial for having an excellent day at the crag, mountain or a snowy couloir. Petzl has come out with some new designs to increase your harness happiness.

  • Magnetron Technology

    Magnetron Technology

    The Tech Behind the Black Diamond Magnetron

    Catch a glimpse into the world of Black Diamond’s new carabiners featuring their Magnetron Technology. It is a truly original concept that is redefining carabiner locking technology.

  • Night Running

    Night Running

    Running at Night

    Petzl launched their first headlamp over 30 years ago and have not stopped innovating and improving headlamps.

  • Cam is Reborn

    The Cam is Reborn

    The Cam is Reborn - Redesigned by the Original Cam Maker

    When you climb always remember to bring some ‘friends’. Wild Country has been on the forefront in designing cams. They even took part of the invention of the spring-loaded camming device in the late 1970’s. The Helium Friend is latest redesign and improvement from the original ‘friend’ camming device.


  • Hot Forging

    Tech: Hot Forging

    Some Like it Hot Forged

    Stevie Haston strikes again with another educational lesson on hot forging.  Just like a meatball sandwich, carbiners are always better when they are made hot.  Check out the rest of Grivel Products.

  • Inside a Valandre Sleeping Bag

    In a Valandre Bag

    What's Inside Your Sleeping Bag?

    Have you ever seen an autopsy on a $500 sleeping bag? Valandre dissects one of their sleeping bags to show the inner workings of their legendary down. Valandre has made outerwear and sleeping bags the toughest and most extreme expeditions.

Everyday Skills

  • Coiling Your Rope

    Coiling Your Rope

    Coiling Your Rope to Avoid Tangles and Swear Words

    Yes there is a RIGHT way to coil your rope. By coiling your rope with this over –the-shoulder method, you can end the tangled rope nightmare for good.

  • Bad Belaying

    Bad Belaying

    Bad Belay Technique: How Not to Belay
  • Toprope Belaying

    Toprope Belaying

    Toprope Belay Technique
  • Lead Belaying

    Lead Belaying

    Lead Belay Technique
  • Placing Cams

    Placing Cams

    Technique for Placing Cams

    Take a quick lesson and get some great advice in how to place your cams when climbing.

  • Hand Taping

    Hand Taping

    Taping Your Hands for Crack Climbing

    Don’t look like a newb out there with some ghetto tape gloves. Learn to tape it up right cause there is a difference.

  • Modern Helmets

    Modern Helmet Protection

    Modern Helmet Protection for Your Noggin

    This video does a great job explaining the differences between helmet styles, and then continues on to discuss the benefits of protecting your noggin.

  • Fist Jamming

    Fist Jamming

    Fist Jamming in Crack Climbs

    All you need to know about the basics of fist jamming, conveniently located in a single video. The content is simple, and the technique is ideal.

  • Tying in With a Figure 8 Knot

    Figure 8 Knot

    Tying Yourself into the Climb with a Figure 8 Knot

Gear Reviews & Tests

  • Smiley Rock Shoe Review

    Smiley Rock Shoe Review

    Mark Smiley Reviews La Sportiva Ganda, Solution, and TC Pro

    When space is limited on your next road trip, these 3 shoes will cover all your bases, and allow you to climb pretty much anything that comes your way.

  • Trango Flexcam Review

    Trango Flexcam Review

    Quinn Brett Reviews the Trango Flexcams

    There are a number of features that make the Trango Flexcam a top choice on the rock. See the benefits of the Flexcam in action.

  • La Sportiva Miura Review

    La Sportiva Miura Review

    Beth Rodden Gives the Low Down on the La Sportiva Miura

    The La Sportiva Miura is the shoe that everyone in the climbing community has heard of, and wants to own, if they don’t already. And here are the reasons why.

  • Beal Unicore Test

    Beal Unicore Test

    Beal Unicore Cut Test - Don't Try This at Home

    Although it pains us to see a perfectly good climbing rope on the receiving end of a utility knife, this video does an excellent job illustrating the benefits of the Beal Unicore Technology.

  • Beal Diablo Review

    Beal Diablo Review

    See the Beal Diablo in Action

    It’s not often that you get a rope of a larger diameter that feels like a rope of a smaller diameter. But in this case, the Beal Diablo does just that.

  • La Sportiva Testarossa Review

    La Sportiva Testarossa Review

    Bouldering King Jon Glassberg Reviews the La Sportiva Testarossa

    A lot of climbers brush off the La Sportiva Testarossa as a sport climbing shoe, but Jon Glassberg demonstrates its fine features while bouldering.

  • Carabiner Break Test

    Biner Break Test

    Omega Pacific Carabiner Breaking Test

    Have you ever wanted to see some steel carabiners tested to failure to some moderate Salsa music? So have we. Lucky we found this video.

Brand Highlights

  • La Sportiva

    La Sportiva

    La Sportiva

    If you want to see some gear in action, this short video gives you a little taste of everything La Sportiva has to offer.

  • Sterling Rope

    Sterling Ropes

    Sterling Ropes

    If Chris Sharma endorses a product, you know it’s got to be good. And sterling ropes are just that. See Sterling Ropes in action on some of Chris Sharmas routes.

  • Grivel



    Here is a short, slideshow style video showing Grivel gear going where few people have gone before. Featuring some of their newer gear, this video is worth the watch.

  • Five Ten

    Five Ten

    Five Ten

    Most climbers don’t know that climbing shoes are just a small part of what Five Ten is all about. This video features some of the other activities that they have their hands in.

  • Edelrid



    Edelrid makes some impressive ropes. Catch a glimpse inside their facility in Germany and see these impressive ropes being manufactured.

  • Gibbon Slacklines

    Gibbon Slacklines

    Gibbon Slacklines

    See some impressive footage of competitors at a slackline competition. While a lot of climbers slackline to improve their balance, these guys make some difficult stuff look easy.

  • BlueWater Ropes

    BlueWater Ropes

    BlueWater Ropes

    BlueWater is one of the highest quality ropes on the market, and is used by some of the best athletes in the world, Including Tommy Caldwell. Learn more about them in this video.

  • Beal



    This is just a short highlight video of Beal ropes, and what they do. As one of the leading rope manufacturers in the world, this video is worth a watch.

  • New England Ropes

    New England Ropes

    New England Ropes

    The quality of New England Ropes is renowned, not only in the recreational climbing community, but in many other industries as well.

  • Red Chili

    Red Chili

    Red Chili

    Tagging along on a Red Chili photo-shoot, it’s fun to see the athletes in action as well as the fun the photographers are having as well.


  • AvaLung How-To

    AvaLung How-To

    Be Safe with Your AvaLung Pack

    You would think it would be common sense, however there is more to the Black Diamond AvaLung Packs than just breathing.

  • Sharpening Your Ice Screws

    Sharpening your Ice Screws

    Nothing's Worse Than a Dull Point - Sharpen Your Ice Screws

    Sharpening anything is tricky. Sharpening ice screws is even more so. Watch this video so you don’t ruin a good piece of equipment.

  • Storm Headlamp Usage

    Storm Headlamp Usage

    Black Diamond Storm Headlamp Usage

    Operating a headlamp is a bit more complicated than it used to be. This video gives a rundown of all the basic features of the storm headlamp, which translate into a number of Black Diamond’s headlamps.

  • Fitting BD Gloves

    Fitting BD Gloves

    Measure Your Paws to Fit Black Diamond Gloves & Mitts

    Fitting can be a bit tricky, but it sure saves a headache later on so you don’t have to exchange items for a different size.

  • Ange Quickdraw How-To

    Ange Quickdraw How-To

    How to Manipulate the Single-Wire Ange Quickdraw

    These techniques actually translate to any Quickdraw. It’s a good reminder to those who actively sport climb, and a good introduction to those just getting into the sport.

  • Trango Cinch Usage

    Trango Cinch Usage

    Trango Cinch Usage

    Not all auto-lock belay devices are created equal. The cinch operates a bit different than the Gri Gri or the Eddy, so make sure you know what is going on before you use.

  • SPG Belay Device Usage

    SBG Belay Device Usage

    Omega Pacific SBG II Belay Device Usage

    The SBG II belay device has a lot of options due to its rigid stem and dual grooves. This is a good video to teach how to properly use the device.

  • Slackline Basics

    Slackline Basics

    Slackline Basics

    For someone wanting to get into slacklining, this is a great instructional video. Make sure you properly set up your slackline before use.

  • Setting Up Your Slackline

    Setting Up Your Slackline

    Setting Up Your New Gibbon Slackline

    The last thing anyone wants is for their slackline to be set up improperly. This video provides great instruction for how to properly set up your slackline.

  • Microtraxion Installation

    Microtraxion Installation

    Installing Your Petzl MicroTraxion on a Rope

    This is a great instructional video on how to properly install your Petzl Micro Traxion onto your rope. Make sure you don’t put it on upside-down.

  • Ropeman Ascension

    Ropeman Ascension

    Ascending With the Wild Country Ropeman

    The Ropeman is a great product if used correctly. Watch this video to make sure you not doing it wrong. Make sure you don’t put it on upside-down.

  • Easy Aider Usage

    Easy Aider Usage

    Using the Metolius Easy Aider
  • Hangboard Installation

    Hangboard Installation

    Hangboard Installation - DO Try This at Home

    Don’t be the guy who pulls his hangboard out of the wall because he put it in wrong. Watch this video, and do it tight.

  • Weaving a Rope Mat

    Weaving a Rope Mat

    Weaving a Rope Mat

    This is a fantastic idea for what to do with those retired ropes. As one of the better instructional videos on the web for how to weave a rope mat, we highly recommend watching it.

    Rope Mat Template PDF
    Rope Mat Instructions PDF