Masters of Stone V
Masters of Stone V

Masters of Stone V

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"26 year-old Dean Potter is a human acetylene torch, burning down the walls of the, ""impossible."" Eyes of a hunting wolf and steel cable physique, this barefoot mountain rescue specialist keeps his exploits in perspective with self-deprecating humor and a deep respect for connection with natural world. Potter's raw power, emotional intensity and deadly commitment reveal a terrifying world at the outer edge of human ability. Steph Davis is beautiful, brilliant and 5.12 and 5.11+ on red desert sandstone. Dan Osman's fatal final adventure must be seen to be believed. Hanging by fingertips 3000 feet off the ground with no rope or safety gear, tip-toeing a one-inch strip of nylon across a 120 foot-wide chasm, leaping off cliffs with laughter and fury, Potter and his friends deliver a whole new level of climbing action, set to a high-quality, adrenaline-pounding soundtrack featuring Metallica."
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