Metolius BRD (Belay/Rappel Device)
Metolius BRD (Belay/Rappel Device)

Metolius BRD (Belay/Rappel Device)

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Item #MET-0101

With the creation of the BRD, we have achieved a simple, safe and bombproof belay / rappel device. The principle behind the BRD is very simple: as the load of a falling climber is applied, the carabiner is pulled into the scientifically engineered rope slots and the rope is squeezed between the carabiner and the BRD. The result is that a tremendous amount of friction is generated, allowing the belayer to easily catch long, hard falls with relatively light hand pressure. For rappelling, the BRD will give you a relatively slow and controlled (and we feel safer) rappel. If the rappel is moving too slowly, you can re-orient the device for a speedier descent.

The BRD is both versatile (single or double ropes) and lightweight. The ergonomic horn gives enhanced control while lowering and rappelling. It is easy to operate, has a high strength-to-weight ratio and doesn't kink ropes. With its enormous stopping power and slower, more controlled rappel, we feel the BRD is clearly the safest plate-style device that has been made. Yet another shrewd product from Metolius that has been made safer by design!

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