Metolius Equalizer
Metolius Equalizer

Metolius Equalizer


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Metolius Equalizer

Metolius Equalizer

Item #MET-0353

A compact, lightweight, convenient way to equalize multiple anchor points at belay. Available in two lengths made of 16 mm Dyneema Monster webbing. Built-in storage pocket with instructions printed on the outside for fool- proof anchors. Reinforced end-loops provide additional, full-strength clip-in points.

Lengths: 10' (3 M) 15' (4.5 M)
Weight: 10' - 5.1 oz (143 g) 15' - 6.9 oz (196 g)
Strength: 22 kN (4,950 lbf) when used as a looped sling or two/three point anchor. 18 kN when used end-to-end
Carabiners not included

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