Metolius Inferno Wiregate Quickdraw
Metolius Inferno Wiregate Quickdraw

Metolius Inferno Wiregate Quickdraw


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Metolius continues to amaze climbers everywhere. The Inferno 'biner and quickdraw are lightweight and do not compromise when it comes to strength or mild style. A great choice for the avid climber looking to shave some weight off his or her rack.


  • Two Inferno carabiners joined by a 16 mm tight-one-end Monster Sling (27% Dyneema/73% nylon)
  • Lightweight, high-strength, full-size quickdraws for all your climbing projects
  • Available in 5"" or 7"" lengths
  • Color: chocolate brown

    The Metolius Inferno carabiner has a lightweight, state-of-the-art full-sized body with large gate opening and exceptional strength. It is hot forged with a cured spine and rope-locating wells that assure incredible strength-to-weight ratio.

    Carabiner Specs:

  • Major axis strength: 6295 lbf ( 28 kN)
  • Minor axis strength: 2023 lbf ( 9 kN)
  • Open gate strength: 2248 lbf ( 10 kN)
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