Metolius Safe Tech Waldo Big Wall Harness
Metolius Safe Tech Waldo Big Wall Harness

Metolius Safe Tech Waldo Big Wall Harness

SKU# MET-0032

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Item #MET-0032
For those who demand the utmost in safety, comfort and support, the Waldo is the ticket. Thick, 1/2"" slabs of foam contour around the waist and legs, offering cushy support. The monstrous proportions of the components (5 5/8"" waist-belt and 5"" leg loop height!) are ideal for those big wall nail-ups, rigging missions or course-setting sessions. Fully kitted out with Safe Tech features, (10 kN gear loops, 16 kN haul loop and 6.6 kN rear leg loop straps), Metolius has essentially eliminated the concept of low-strength harness components. It also features their patented 3-D system, which adjust rise length and leg size, an absolute key to proper harness fit. To answer nature's call, just undo the 3-D leg loop buckles and voila. Four burly Safe Tech gear loops keep your gear accessible and secure - the small-sized rear gear loops also double as hammer holsters. Metolius has also added a second belay loop to help ease the problem of gear cluster in this high-use zone.

  • Maximum comfort
  • Patented, adjustable-rise 3-D system creates the best-fitting harness in the world
  • Super-durable, 1050d Ballistics outer layer paired with cross-linked, closed-cell, polyethylene foam and Conlure lining for maximum comfort and support
  • Shaped to give maximum support to the lower back
  • Four gear loops
  • 2 front belay loop and 16kN rear haul loop
  • World's toughest, long-wearing tie-in points
  • 25.3 oz. (708 g) (medium) "
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