Metolius Supercam
Metolius Supercam

Metolius Supercam


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Metolius Supercam

Metolius Supercam

Item #MET-0382

With the Supercam, Metolius has gone back to the drawing board! With two years of painstaking effort, they revisited all the design assumptions that have been built into camming devices for the last 30 years. They've designed a new generation of extended-range cams, and they are improved in every way! The Supercam has extended the camming range well past that available with other designs while still retaining the increased holding power and safety that can only be achieved with the smaller cam angle of 13.25 degrees. This safer cam angle increases the outward force by a critical 10% over other brands with larger cam angles. The cam faces have more than 30% extra contact surface compared to other brands, making rock fracture much less likely. The new aggressive, ratchet-style (Shark Fin) tooth pattern helps to set the cam during the initial load up event of a fall. The Supercam is a perfect example of Metolius' underlying design philosophy: safety, simplicity, reliability and long-term performance.

The magic in this design relies upon the simple concept of its asymmetry. The smaller-side cam lobes pass within the arc drawn by the larger side, allowing use of the previously unused portion of the cam's spiral. We also feel that this revolutionary new design increases overall cam stability in these notoriously unstable large sizes.

They also include the Range Finder coding system which tells you at a glance whether or not you've chosen the optimum size cam for the placement. This is an especially helpful tool for climbers just learning the art of gear placement.

All this is held in a lightweight and flexible U-shaped framework for greater durability and unparalleled control during placement and retraction. Metolius invented machined, high-strength cam stops and they are standard issue on Supercams along with color-coded slings and tubing for quick identification. One pull of the trigger and you will begin to understand the magic that is the SUPERCAM!

  • Size: Large (dark blue)
  • Range: 2.62" - 4.67" (66.5 - 118.5mm)
  • Strength: 2700 lbf (12 kN)
  • Weight: 11 oz (312 g)
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