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"No Permanent Address" documents the first ascent of a 23 pitch free climb on a 2,700 ft. granite wall located in the remote wilderness of British Columbia. Sean Easton and Aaron Black team up for the first ascent of "Call of the Granite" all amazingly caught on film. The film follows Aaron for the 7 months prior as he climbs with friends in some of the most famous areas in North America such as El Potrero Chico, Hueco, Indian Creek, Bishop, and Yosemite. Watch as a cast of male and female climbers push themselves to their limits on everything from boulders to crack climbs. The film highlights life on and off the rock showing the tricks of survival in the real, inspiring, and sometimes shocking world of the modern climber. Behind every minute of footage are days of rigging and filming. The beautiful photography and up-beat soundtrack are sure to get you psyched to climb! Straight out of the camera of director Aaron Chase and directly to your DVD player, DH Productions is proud to present Counterparts. Counterparts the DVD strikes at the core of the soul of DH Productions and much like AC himself, it is raw, gritty and in your face with the most progressive riding ever to be captured on digital video. Over two years in the making, Counterparts is Aaron's follow up to the enormously popular Killing Time DVD. Within the same style, follow AC's day-to-day activities as he circumnavigates the globe, hanging with the bros and shredding with whomever and wherever.
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