Pieps DSP Tour Avalanche Beacon
Pieps DSP Tour Avalanche Beacon

Pieps DSP Tour Avalanche Beacon

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Item #PPS-0007

The PIEPS DSP TOUR is a 3-antenna transceiver with integrated mark function for ease of use in a companion rescue. Send - Search - Mark. Easy to use with only one button for user friendly interface. Digital Signal Processing provides the maximum circular receiving range in all directions from the searcher. This means longer search strip widths down the avalanche debris and faster signal acquisition. Search strip width is 50 meters in all directions. DSP TOUR gives the searcher an accurate direction and distance indication to the victim from the first signal acquisition. 3-antennas allow exact pinpointing of the victim during the fine search phase. DSP TOUR has iProbe Support: DSP Tour can be temporarily deactivated by the Pieps iProbe in multiple burial scenarios. Exact self-check of the internal operation of the beacon. DSP TOUR tests the transmitting frequency, antennas, amplifiers and processors every time you switch the beacon on. Mark function support in multiple burial scenarios. Checkable and updateable to the latest firmware via USB at Pieps Service Centers nation wide.


Weight: 198 grams with batteries
Dimensions: 116mm x 75mm x 27mm
3 AAA alkaline batteries (included)
Battery lifetime: minimum 200 hours in send mode
Maximum range: 50 meters
Search strip width: 50 meters
Transmission frequency: 457 kHz

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