Red Chili Habanero Climbing Shoe
Red Chili Habanero Climbing Shoe

Red Chili Habanero Climbing Shoe

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Regular Price: $132.00

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Item #RCH-0025

If the Matador is too sharp and the Corona too soft the Habanero Lace is perfect. The shoe was developed with Markus Bock, one of the strongest sport climbers in the world. Markus focused on the crucial features that helped him climb his hardest Frankenjura projects. Given a straight last shape, your foot-power is pooled to the big toe and the strong mid-sole supports extra traction for nasty pockets. The speed-lace is incredibly comfortable, while super sensitive and precise footwork is what makes this shoe a world class climber's choice. As for a great high-end shoe, the profiled bonus toe rubber is a must-have and a guarantee for pain-free super-tech toe-hooks. The lo-stretch synthetic upper will prevent the shoe from growing and the leather inner sole will stop the wicked side effect of odour contamination typical for synthetic shoes. With these features the Habanero Lace is not only suitable for high-end climbing but also brings great fun for climbs beyond the 7th grade.

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