Red Chili Stratos Lace Climbing Shoe

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Regular Price: $139.00

Special Price $93.95

32% Off

Regular Price: $139.00

Special Price $93.95

32% Off

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Item #RCH-0032

You probably won´t be able to reach the stratosphere with the new Red Chili Stratos, but you´ll surely be able to conquer any terrestrial rock. The Stratos is a narrow-cut, very athletic, asymmetrical lace-up climbing shoe with slight pre-tension and split sole. Ideally suited for mid-level up to very difficult climbs.

  • Performance / highend shoe for precise footwork
  • Asymmetric, narrow last (American Style)
  • Quick lacing system
  • Mesh tongue
  • Synthetic upper to keep shape and size of the shoe
  • Leather footbed for comfort and nonslip positioning of the foot
  • Flexible / mid hard midsole for good support on micro edges
  • Two piece sole construction
  • Red wrap around slingshot
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