Rock Exotica MicroEight
Rock Exotica MicroEight

Rock Exotica MicroEight

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Item #REX-0003

This Rock Exotica figure 8 has side ears that let you easily vary the friction, accomodating a wide range of rope sizes. It is also easy to tie off. These features make it superior to conventional 8's. At a weight of 1.7 oz. (49gm) and measuring 2.96" (75mm) tall and 3.05" (78mm) wide, it is one of the smallest and lightest belay devises available.


  • Weight: 1.7 oz (49 gm)
  • Height: 2.96ö (75 mm) Width: 3.05ö (78 mm) Max Rope Dia. (Single Rope): 13 mm
  • Max Rope Dia. (Double Rope): 10.5 mm
  • Breaking Strength: 14 kN
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