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SMC Picket

SMC Picket


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Item #SMC-0006

People kept asking us to make a perfect snow picket and so we did by field-testing it in every imaginable condition. The SMC I Picket has a peerless strength-to-weight ratio, as well as an unmatched practical design. The Modified I web depth provides maximum hold, but is also kept compact for ease of handling and packing. The sharp end is precision tapered for easy placement in ice and hard snow. We left the finish "natural" so that it holds more securely in vertical placement than pickets which are either powder-coated or anodized. We beveled the edges of the clip-in holes to protect ropes and webbing and spaced the hole pattern for maximum holding power in a variety of snow conditions and configurations including as a deadman. Available in either 24" or 36" lengths, weighing 13.6 oz. (385 g) and 21 oz. (595 g) respectively.

Model #: 162024 (24”) Model #: 162036 (36”) 
Dimensions: 24” x 2”  Dimensions: 36” x 2” 
Weight: 12.7 oz. (361g)  Weight: 19.2 oz. (544g)
Material: Aluminum  Material: Aluminum
Finish: Natural Finish: Natural


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