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"“Toproping” is rock climbing with the rope anchored at the top of the climb, as opposed to “lead” climbing, where a climber places protection as he or she goes. Having a top anchor lessens the potential distance of a fall and creates a more controlled situation in which to hone your climbing technique. Toproping is at the heart of learning to climb, and being able to safely set up and manage toprope situations is a critical component in the development of any climber. While it seems simple on the surface, topropes must be rigged and configured properly in accordance with sound safety principles—and that’s where this book comes in. Here you’ll find everything a beginning climber needs to know about toproping: knots to use, basic and advanced anchor set-ups, belay techniques, lowering from fixed anchors, site management, and more. Color photos will help guide you through complex toproping situations. Rescue skills and risk management are also covered, along with a section on how to toprope. And there’s nobody better to teach these skills than author Bob Gaines, an American Mountain Guides Association Certified Rock Instructor and longtime Joshua Tree climbing guide."
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