Trango Chockstones Complete Set (11 Units)
Trango Chockstones Complete Set (11 Units)

Trango Chockstones Complete Set (11 Units)

SKU# TRG-0023

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Item #TRG-0023

Complete set of Chockstones sized from 4mm to 25mm thickness

The Chock Stones feature a classic curved design to aid in placement security but they a step further. The machined stability groove in each one wraps around little crystals and rugosities to increase the security of each placement. This tweak on a classic design makes them easier to place and easier to achieve a bomber placement.

  • Orange and Gray configuration allows you to select the sizes you need without having to memorize 11 different colors
  • One of the Lightest and Best Cams on the market
  • 5-64g
  • Size Thick 4-25mm, Width 11-35mm
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