Valandre Looping Vest

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Item #VAL-0023

Sleeveless and proud of it, the Looping provides only the truly necessary warmth for the swing seasons. With your core temperature swaddled in the best down in the world, the Looping vest lets you get on with any task at hand. Made with 21 compartments to keep the down where it belongs, this vest will keep you warm and fashionable wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

Built on a technological foundation learned from years of making expedition gear, our Split-S design represents a leap forward in down jacket technology. The area between the arm and torso usually suffers from the arm motion pushing the down away from the torso. To solve this, Valandre added two vertical compartments to the vest. These compartments keep the down in place and keep you warm. Then, we eliminated the connection seam at the shoulder by designing a single piece of fabric from the front to the back. By removing the connection seam at the shoulder, we removed the main point that water leaks into jackets. And, finally, at the top of the jacket, the fully zipped high collar moulds perfectly around your neck, providing duvet-like comfort.


  • Comfort Rating: 32 degrees F
  • Extreme Rating: 23 degrees F
  • Down Load: 2.78 oz.
  • Down Quality: Goose 850+
  • Weight: 9.63 oz.
  • Fabric: Asahi Kasei coated and DWR treated solid Rip-Stop Polyamide / Anti static comfortable Polyester Rip-Stop
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