Valandre Odin Sleeping Bag
Valandre Odin Sleeping Bag

Valandre Odin Sleeping Bag


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Valandre Odin Sleeping Bag

Valandre Odin Sleeping Bag

Item #VAL-0005

A high altitude sleeping bag is key to success and survival. Unproven gear cannot enter adventures near limits, The Odin from Valandre is the proven reference, that climbers worldwide have trusted for years. The Odin sleeping bag, and as a matter of fact Valandre, have their roots in the last french national K2 expedition in 1979. The Odin is everything a technical high altitude expedition bag should be: A bag of volume (offering a possibility of layering), side-raised compartments (offering optimal side insulation), 27 straight H box wall compartments (optimal down fixation/instantly operational), total weight of 64.7oz/1836g, easily capable of standing a negative forty (F and C). And finally an unbelievable compressibility that will decompress within minutes once removed from the compression bag. (Speed is safety!)


  • Comfort Rating: -4 degrees F; Extreme: -43.6 degrees F
  • Carry Weight: 60.6 oz. (sm), 64.7 oz. (md), 69.3 oz. (lg)
  • Size: 34.3" x 66.9" (sm), 36.6" x 72.8" (md), 39" x 78.7" (lg)
  • Carry Size: 14 L
  • Fill: Goose 850+
  • Fill Weight: 39.1 oz. (sm), 42.3 oz. (md), 45.4 oz. (lg)
  • Shell: Asahi Kasei coated and WR treated solid Polyamide Rip-Stop
  • Liner: Asahi Kasei anti-static, comfortable, WR treated Polyester Rip-Stop
  • Fits To: 5'6" (sm), 6' (md), 6'6" (lg)
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