Valandre Oural Mittens
Valandre Oural Mittens

Valandre Oural Mittens

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Regular Price: $139.95

Special Price $104.96

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Item #VAL-0021

If your feet are frozen, you can climb down with pain but you can do it. But imagine opening a tent with frozen fingers, you begin to realize that you are in trouble. It is impossible to lace your boots. Impossible to engage the 8 for rapid decent, impossible to open the drop seat of your suit, your are deep in it.

For this reason, the protection of your fingers and hands is critical especially when the lack of oxygen accelerates the risk of frostbite.

The Oural is an essential piece of security equipment. It is not designated to an active engagement with your ice axe and Jumar, but assuring the maximum protection of your hands while resting in the high camps.

After all your hands need and deserve rest after a day in the fixed ropes. The Oural offers not only insulation but also the maximum fluffy comfort, as long as you keep them dry.

At a total weight of 4,23oz. (120 grams) containing 0.88oz. (25g), the Oural mitten is very compressible and deserves their place on the top of your equipment list.

The technical construction of the compartment system is constantly perfected at Valandre, by adding a compartment that fixes the insulating down at the tips of the Oural mittens.


Comfort Rating: -13º F
Extreme Rating: -22º F
Down Load: 1.8 oz.
Down Quality: Goose 850+
Weight: 4.2 oz.
Fabric: Asahi Kasei coated and DWR treated solid Rip-Stop Polyamide / Anti static comfortable Polyester Rip-Stop

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