Valandre Thor Sleeping Bag
Valandre Thor Sleeping Bag

Valandre Thor Sleeping Bag


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Valandre Thor Sleeping Bag

Valandre Thor Sleeping Bag

Item #VAL-0006

The Thor sleeping bag was introduced in 1988 under the name Nuptse 1300. The Nuptse (THOR) was designed as a winter high altitude expedition bag. In the Eighties, the Poles started some of the most astonishing Himalayan winter climbs. Names like Krysztof Wielicky, Laszek Cichy, Jerzy Kukuczka and Artur Hajzer literally atomized the notion of the word ""the limit"", and it was Wielicky/Cichy that opened the Grand Bal by a February winter climb of Everest 1980.

The Nuptse was developed from Maurice Barrard's Makalu concept bag in which the straight H box walls were slanted allowing to ""stuff"" the bag with a maximum of down. But ""slanting"" changes the essence of the bag. As the baffles in the Odin are in a 90°, we use a baffle height of 9 cm, but once slanted into a 45°, 14 cm baffles are needed. This difference in baffle width (height) changes the empty weight of the shell from 650g in M for the Odin, to 720g in a M size Thor.. The second difference between the Odin and the Thor is that the Odin is a 27 compartment bag while the Thor is a 26 compartment bag. Otherwise they are identical.

It can be discussed whether ""slanting the baffles"" does just have the unwelcome side-effect, of adding unnecessary weight to the sleeping bag shell and increasing the compressed volume.

Whatever......once filled with 50,2oz (1424g) of a totally mature and specially selected gray goose 95/05, the Thor does not weight more than 75.6oz (2144g).

This weight is not the end of this world....the temperatures that the bag can withstand, may very well be!


Comfort Rating: -9.4º F; Extreme: -50.8º F
Carry Weight: 70.1 oz. (sm), 75.6 oz. (md), 80.4 oz. (lg)
Size: 34.3"" x 66.9"" (sm), 36.6"" x 72.8"" (md), 39"" x 78.7"" (lg)
Carry Size: 16 L
Fill: Goose 850+
Fill Weight: 46.1 oz. (sm), 50.2 oz. (md), 53.1 oz. (lg)
Shell: Asahi Kasei coated and WR treated solid Polyamide Rip-Stop
Liner: Asahi Kasei anti-static, comfortable, WR treated Polyester Rip-Stop
Fits To: 5'6"" (sm), 6' (md), 6'6"" (lg)

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