Wadi Rum Expedition
Wadi Rum Expedition

Wadi Rum Expedition

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Item #VCP-0072
The Wadi Rum, located in Jordan near the lost city of Petra, is a vast, silent landscape of ancient riverbeds and pastel colored stretches of sandy desert,suddenly shattered by towering sandstone mountains and sheer, shimmering cliff faces. A Muslim country bordered by Syria, Iraq, and Israel, Jordan also offers a glimpse of a culture and region on which the world is currently focused.Most climbers never experience putting up a new route on a big wall. Now you get a chance to see up close the techniques used and witness the level of commitment required. Watch as four climbers, leaving behind the comforts of the Western World, are forced to separate real fear from irrational fear in an environment constantly out to test them. HEIDI WIRTZ, CHRIS KALOUS, BEN FIRTH and AARON BLACK travel to the Wadi Rum in Jordan to establish a hard new free climb on one of the largest walls in the valley.Filmmaker Jean Gamilovskij's dedication to documenting the sport of rock climbing is unrivaled. Jean enjoys pushing the limits of what is physically possible, many times filming in potentially dangerous situations, to get never before seen climbing footage. The Wadi Rum Expedition not only has great climbing, it also showcases the culture of the area and takes a look at the lives of four full-time climbers who are constantly traveling, relentlessly exploring the globe.
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