Wild Country Variable Controller
Wild Country Variable Controller

Wild Country Variable Controller

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Item #WCO-0123

Originally designed primarily for Trad climbing the VC's ability to deal with thin ropes well whether belaying or abseiling made it a firm favourite and a best seller round the world. It's adaptability and multi-function design received great reviews when it was first marketed and has meant that it has earned it's place in the Wild Country range even after all this time.

The Variable Controller was one of the first devices to move belay plates onto another level. Its wedge shaped design, which gave the VC its name, was able to be used in two performance modes to give more stopping power or less friction depending on circumstance. This combined the best attributes of 'flat' plates with the best of the 'deep' plates meaning that when belaying rope could be fed quickly, but when abseiling more friction could be applied.

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