Wild Country VC Pro 2 belay device
Wild Country VC Pro 2 belay device

Wild Country VC Pro 2 belay device

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Item #WCO-0124

Re-worked from the very successful VC Pro, the VC Pro 2 has been designed to extend its range of uses to complement the diverse activities of the modern climber - and is more adaptable across a wider range of disciplines.

The new VC Pro 2 - continues the story of Wild Country's immensely successful belaying devices...

The new VC Pro 2 with has be re-modelled to give its 'V' grooves even more belaying 'bite' to deal with the even thinner cords arriving on the scene. And internally it has also been re-radiused to make a smoother payout on fatter cords - making gym life easier.

But it keeps the same simple organic shape, and ease of use that make this a modern belay device that is truly confidence inspiring.

The VC Pro 2's design is based on the principles so effectively demonstrated by the success of the original VC, that any all-around device needs to do the three essentials well: paying out quickly, holding falls securely and abseiling safely.

The VC Pro takes this one step further by doing this brilliantly across a wider more modern range of rope sizes. We are now proud to say that the VC Pro 2 will deal with single Ropes from 9mm upwards and double ropes from 7.7mm upwards

  • Weight: 80 Grams
  • Rope Diameters: 7.7mm - 10.5mm
  • CE Rated
  • Colors: Assorted
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